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4-PIECE SET 5.5" Plastic Snifter Bottle For Gold Panning-mining , 4 FL Oz


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4-PIECE SET 5-1/2″ Plastic Snifter Bottle For Gold Panning-mining, 4 FL Oz

• Tube Thickness: 1/32”
• 4FLoz Plastic Bottle
• Great for Use when Gold Panning, Cleaning at Home or Offices Etc

When to use the snifter bottle in the gold panning process: The snifter is used after you’ve panned down to gold or nearly so. Our small, hand-sized, flexible clear plastic snifter bottle has a small tube attached to its end. Squeeze the snifter bottle to create a vacuum inside so the submerged gold can easily be sucked up through the tube.


Weight 8 oz
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