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NOS Dia-Compe REAR GRAY CABLE AND HOUSING Brake/Shifter Cable “Old School BMX” MADE IN THE 1980’S


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Brand New!!

Genuine Dia Compe Product

Stamped Dia-Compe on the cable housing¬† MADE AND DATED IN THE 1980’S

Nice item to put the finishing touch on the Old School Bike.



Going fast on your bike is nice, but being able to stop safely is equally as important. Brake cables and housing are what connect the brake levers to the brake calipers. These seemingly uninteresting parts of a bike hold more importance than most riders think. Brake cables are 1.6mm in diameter and use a 5mm diameter wound cable housing as opposed to shifting cables that use a 1.2mm diameter cable and a 4mm diameter compressionless housing. Brake cables use two different heads. One head is dome-shaped and is used for drop bar-style brake levers and the other is cylindrical and is used for flat bar style brake levers.

Not all brake cables and housing are created equally though. Brake cables are made from different materials and have different coatings that allow them to glide more smoothly through the brake housing. Brake cables and housing are sold individually, sold as complete sets, or are sold in bulk depending on what you need. When replacing the cables, it’s always a good idea to replace the housing at the same time. When measuring out the new brake housing, a good bike life hack is to reuse the old housing as a measuring device so you know you’re getting the proper length. When you’re finished with cutting the housing, don’t forget to add Crimps and Ferrules to the housing and cables.



Weight 6 oz

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