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San Diego Trolley 1981 Golden Spike Mexico Sharp Bronze/Gold Coin Uncirculated


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 Casino Strike

Description: A coin commemorating on of San Diego’s biggest investment scams, these coins were struck to commemorate the stops on the San Diego Trolley Line.  Before the stores at each stop, could open, the founder/mastermind took all the cash and fled the country.  These are all that remain, these coins were struck in gold, silver, gold plated brass and chrome.  All coins are new, uncirculated condition…


Metal: Bronze Tone

Size: 1.5″ across

Age: 1981

Weight in Grams: 22.6

Guaranteed to be genuine and authentic as described.

Please view super detail photos for condition,  Actual digital photos of item, sold as pictured.




Weight 8.00 oz
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